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I've brought several cars to Jay and his staff at Odor B Gone. This is one unique place and I personally didn't even know this niche existed. My Mercedes unfortunately had a gallon of milk literally explode in it while we were parked in Palm Springs. Needless to say, the car was barely driveable with all of the windows down! Apparently, the milk had run into the seats, carpet and down the center console into the electronics. My dash and radio was covered as well.

I took my car to the dealer and all they could do was detail my car, and did very little to get rid of the putrid odor. I finally had to make a claim to my insurance company and they recommended Odor B Gone, stating that was the place they brought all their serious problem (potential total loss) cars.

Jay's shop was clean and well organized, and when I visited, I saw those guys had stripped the interior of the car down, and they were actually washing the wiring harness and then smelling it! Who does that?!! When I got my car back it was in NEW condition and they sealed with a lifetime guarantee. Again, WHO DOES THAT?!!

The other vehicle was a Honda Ridgeline I brought in on a Saturday for just basic upholstery and carpet service. It took the crew about 4 hours to do the job, and it was simply beautiful. Not only did they clean the carpet and seats, they serviced and deodorized my AC and heating system as well.

Rich F.
I wish to thank Jay and his crew for the outstanding and professional job that they performed on my Hummer. There was an overpowering odor that seemed to come from nowhere, I took it to the dealership and had no clue what to do, tried detailing it, then smelled like a wet dog, it was worse. I found Odor B Gone on the internet, called, spoke to Jay, he said bring it in for a smell, he arranged a rental car for me and I was called the next day. He found a dead rodent, and downloaded photos on a secure website for me to see. My vehicle is now better than before this all happened. I am a business professional and was blown away with the entire process. Thank you Jay and for creating such a great company that does not exist. I highly recommend them for any odor repairs.

- Eric P.
Well, I bought my car used and it constantly had a dog odor problem. After car washes and off the shelf shampoo products I just gave up. I was dating this girl at the time and she noticed the odor too. I finally gave in and called these guys. I explained the problem and that I live 1 hour away, was on a budget and in the military. Jay, said if I drive to him and able to leave the car there for a little longer than usual like 10 days. He will cut me some slack. I drove there, he showed me the process of removing the odor which by the way is taking all my seats , carpets etc. out and wash each item in a systematic way. I was almost embarrassed to bring my car in as there was Range Rovers , Bmw's in his bay. He really gave me a deal and said not to worry about it and he would be more than happy to help me on the price. 10 days later I pick up the car and the interior looked brand new!!! so much so that I even got car seat to keep it looking that way. It might seem over the top to go there as they are scientific about the odor removal which no car wash can ever do. So, if you have a odor problem its worth to pay to get it removed permanently . Thank you. Jay!!!
- Sonny S.
Vehicle: Toyota Avalon
Problem: Severe Water Damage
Insurance: State Farm

Thank you so much for all the time, effort and work your company
did on my mom’s car. The car had been flooded with water up to the seats, and mildew
was overwhelming. What you did to fix the problem was nothing short of a miracle.
I have just returned from a visit to California and I could not believe the results! The car
looks and smells like a brand new car! Although, my mother’s terminal illness continues
to progress; her lung condition has improved and she no longer has coughing fits. Thank
You again for everything Odor B Gone has done for our family.
- Debbie J.
Customer: Doug and Cindi
Vehicle: 2013 Chevy Equinox
Problem: Gasoline Spill inside vehicle
Insurance: State Farm

Excellent service and finished on time; even with our short time
requirements. Did an outstanding job; even after another Company tried first.
Odor B Gone got rid of the fumes and odor 100% Thanks!
-Doug and Cindi
Vehicle: 06 Lexus GS
Problem: Coffee Spill
Insurance: State Farm

I thought you did an outstanding job! I wish I knew about your Company
earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time trying to get the coffee stains out.
- Kim T.
Vehicle: 06 Honda CRV
Problem: Fire and Severe Smoke Damage
Insurance: All State

I was Skeptical that the Fire smoke odor damage could be fixed and resolved, to my satisfaction.
Odor B Gone 2, exceeded my expectations and I am happy to have my Honda back; in workable and functional condition.
-Thanks- Kyle
Vehicle: 03 Mercedes Benz CLK350
Problem: Chemical Spill
Insurance: AAA

Attention Supervisor for Jay Grewer-
I am writing in regards to your employee, Mr. Jay Grewer who handled the
chemical spill that we had to endure due to faulty Pine sol Bottle that spilled in our
vehicle and was taken to our facility for repairs and refurbishing.
Mr. Grewer is to be commended for taking care of us in such an excellent
exemplary manner throughout our ordeal. He was Courteous and on the spot with
information that we needed conveyed to us throughout the process. He was polite and
returned my husband’s beloved Mercedes Benz o us spotless and in the condition that
we fell in love with when we first purchased it.
Last but not least, I would be honored to have an employee such as Mr. Grewer
on my staff. He definitely deserves a gold star for all of his efforts.
Very truly yours-
Linda H.
Vehicle: 04 Lexus RX330
Problem: Carpet Contamination
Insurance: State Farm

Great Service, always Professional. –Mark
Vehicle: 07 Dodge Ram 1500
Problem: Flood Damage
Insurance: State Farm

My Truck was flooded because of an unsealed window therefore; odor
and mildew had built up (not good).
I was recommended by my Insurance and sure enough, Odor B Gone 2 was able
to repair the damages done by the water. They decontaminated my whole truck.
Including: carpet, seats, everything! My car looks better than the first time I bought it.
Odor B Gone was amazing. They had great communication with my insurance, and I.
They worked around my schedule and needs. Only if my truck could smile, more than
satisfied. Thank You Odor B Gone!
-Marsela R.

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