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As an insurance adjuster with over 10 years’ experience in claims, I can attest to the value their services. I once contracted their services for a very difficult situation in which rats had nested inside the engine and dash compartment of a high end Mercedes and the dealership refused to perform repairs siting "unsanitary" working conditions. OBG Services removed, cleaned, and sanitized Every affected component so the dealer could continue repairs. If you have ever seen how many components a high Mercedes dash is comprised of you would understand amount of work this entailed. The level of their attention to detail was nothing short of amazing. They are my go-to vendor for interior moisture claims as they have the most effective process for properly and permanently eradicating mold. Most “detailers” actually exacerbate the problem and increase the chance that mold will form later. They are the best at what they do and a very valuable tool when it comes to mitigating claims.

- Gregory Heider
Friend got carsick and threw up all over the leather back seat and rear carpet, and into one of the speakers. Despite my best efforts, I wasn't able to get the smell out completely.

I should probably note that vehicle odors can lower the resale value of your vehicle.

Turns out, incidents like this can be filed as a claim with your insurance company. As long as the repair doesn't exceed a certain amount (may vary by insurance policy) your rate won't be affected.

OBG specializes in complete odor removal. They stripped down the interior, cleaned everything thoroughly, then replaced the rear interior. It took a while for the parts to come in, but the owner - really nice guy, by the way - kept me posted with regular updates.

Now the smell of vomit is completely gone, replaced by a new car smell. Totally worth it.

- Keith R.
I truly recommend this detail place, Jay the man took care of my concern: spilled fish and chicken stew mixed up odor in the trunk of my car, it was horrible experience. I Yelp and found this place, and check it out. Jay told me that it's covered by my comprehensive insurance and so I filed a claim. Very accommodating I can't believe it was fixed by odor be gone, if it wasn't their expertise, i don't know what to do to clean it up. I tried all kinds of odor removing products for 3 weeks hoping odor will be gone, till I can't stand it anymore, il just drive my car with open windowS. If you have a problem with detail like mine this is the great place to go and they will assist you. I guarantee excellence in work performance. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Jay, God bless your heart and I really appreciate the amazing job that you do.

- Cindy D.
On Aug 26, 2015, at 9:44 AM, Lynnea Leon wrote:

After spilling 2 dozen raw eggs in my new Tesla Model S, I brought my car to Odor Be Gone 2 at the recommendation of my insurance company for some pretty extensive sanitizing, including carpet replacement. Jay and his team worked with the insurance company directly and kept me apprised of the status. They were very professional and diligent. I was beyond impressed with the results as my car was in showroom condition. I am extremely pleased with the overall experience and would highly recommend Odor Be Gone 2. Thank you for exceeding all expectations.

Lynnea Leon
P.A. to Yossie Hollander
Re: Superior Service

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Farmers Insurance, I would like to thank you and your company for the excellent service that was provided to us and our customer on an interior fire claim.

In case you do not recall, the interior of our customer’s truck was significantly burned in the dash, flooring under the dash, and smoke damage to interior. We were going to total the vehicle although the damages were minimal due to the fear that the smell would not come out.

After conferring with our customer, who wanted to keep the vehicle, and conferring with your company it was determined that we would utilize Odor B Gone for the repair of the vehicle.

The repairs were completed in a timely manner. Our customer was very happy with the work provided. We were happy that Odor B Gone 2 had not only fixed the vehicle but had supplied a warranty with repairs.

Odor B Gone 2 saved our customer’s vehicle from being a total loss, saved the customer and the insurance company money, which provided a favorable resolution for all involved.

Should we ever find a similar situation, we will definitely contact your company before making a decision to total loss a vehicle.

Very truly yours,
Farmers Insurance Exchange
My car was stolen and recovered. Police reported that drugs were smoked in the car while they had it. It had a horrible smell of a dirty ash tray...and I don't smoke. Jay with OBG assured me he would get all unnatural smells out and clean and disinfect every inch of my car. He explained the process and made me feel comfortable about putting my kids back in. I can't say enough about the time and care they put into my car. They took the car completely apart to clean both sides of everything...wow. My car smells normal again. Thank you so much.

- Gabriel E.
OBG saved my Range Rover! I had a rodent meet his demise in my air conditioning vent and you couldn't even open the door without the smell almost knocking you over. OBG was SO THOROUGH! Jay is a great communicator and always kept us informed during the entire process. The guys took extra precautions to make sure the job was done competently and efficiently. We are so pleased with the finished product. My car is as good as new. If I could give 10 stars for this business I would.

- Tracy M.
A rodent decided to nest in our engine behind the air intake. Unfortunately, by the time insurance authorized the service to remove and repair, our vehicle sat in the smoldering record heat for over 1 week from when we first smelled a problem. Imagine the complications.

Jay took great care of us and his team did their best on our vehicle. Jay explained the detailed process of how they deodorize, clean and sanitize the parts. They installed a wire barricade behind the air intake to help prevent another rat from nesting and the cleaned the engine for us too, which was above and beyond the call of duty.

Jay bagged our personal items and even opened up the shop on a Saturday off hours so I could photograph my personal items for insurance reimbursement (instead of putting them back in the car as there would be a possibility of re-contamination despite being bagged.) His shop is one of the CLEANEST I've ever witnessed. He even handed me gloves when I went through my stuff and he disposed of what I didn't want to take with me.

Their customer service was excellent, and they did their best with our vehicle. Alas, our situation was simply too far gone to rectify despite their heroic efforts; There was still residual odor and they are currently standing by their lifetime warranty to get the last offensive odors out. (No longer my problem as insurance claimed it as a total loss.)

I wouldn't hesitate to go to them with any other issues in the future. Just do yourself a favor and go straight to them as soon as you encounter a smelly issue.

- Melisa T H.
My car smelled really bad. Without getting into it further, a cat had gotten inside and damaged my carpet. The smell was horrid. I took it to this forensic auto repair and cleaning shop a friend told me about. OMG!!! Fabulous. The people who work there are really good people. They are honest, too. They fixed my car. The smell is GONE. Yay.
- Mike P.
There is nothing worse then finding out that someone has pissed in your car.

Jay and Amanda, took special care of us and cleaned the car better than before it got pissed in. They were thorough, they explained everything, showed us the process and even gave my wife a ride home to Huntington Beach after we dropped the car off.

I would recommend them to anyone one who has a weird smell in their car or just wants to get the inside cleaned. They worked with our insurance and really put us at ease.
- Sean H.

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