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Auto Fire Damage Restoration

Does FixMyStinkyCar.com handle fire damage?

Yes! We do repair car interiors damaged by fire and smoke, and we do it with a lifetime guarantee*. Fire and smoke damage is a complicated repair because it involves more than simply replacing melted or burned parts. A fire-damaged car interior needs a specialized process that specifically removes soot and airborne compounds that coat surfaces and become embedded in the various materials and fabrics of the car. Beyond the physical fire damage, smoke and soot will become lodged inside door panels, body and frame dead air spaces, inside and under the dashboard, on, inside, and underneath carpets, seats, seatbelts, headliners, and air conditioning. Just about every space, void, and fabric in the car will become a reservoir of volatile chemicals that emit odorous compounds.

Unlike many services, once we've completed the repairs and the cleaning process has begun we do not use deodorizers, fragrances, odor bombs and the like to cover up the odors. Instead we find all the odor causing contaminants (using their odors!) and remove them. Especially we do not use ozone*, which will further damage your car.

What if the wiring is damaged? Will my car be reliable once it is repaired?

We do the job right. This is why we can lifetime guarantee our work. If necessary, our expert factory-trained and certified technicians will clean your car down to the bare metal frame. During that process, we find all of the parts damaged by fire and we repair or replace them with factory-original parts as recommended by the manufacturer of your specific vehicle. This includes any wiring as necessary. When you get your car back it will be back to pre-incident condition or better. We lifetime guarantee it!*

Here is a great before-and-after video of a fire damaged Trans Am that we restored.