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Auto Rodent Damage Restoration

BMW 750i - Rat in dashboard air conditioning ventRodents seeking to raise a family want a home that is warm and dry, and has a convenient water source. All these conditions are present in your car and air conditioning system. Often they will ‘excavate’ areas for storing food and raise pups. Meanwhile, they urinate and defecate along all their routes as they move about. Sometimes, you won’t realize you have rats until they die inside your dashboard or behind trim and paneling.

(PHOTO on right: This is how we found the first rat. Apparently it had come up through the vent then couldn't back out the closed vent. Note the chewed up the dashboard foam. It had left feces and urine as it passed through various systems which caused the car to continue to smell after the rat was removed. Everything had to be cleaned, even the wiring. This BMW 750i was returned to the owner in perfect condition with factory stock parts.) 

If you have rodents in your car we can bring your car back to like new condition. When you get your car back it will be free of any odors because it is clean -- all contaminants have been removed. Any damage will be repaired and your car will be returned to stock condition. We only use factory original parts.

Unlike many services, once we've completed the repairs and the cleaning process has begun we do not use ozone*, deodorizers, fragrances, odor bombs and the like to cover up the odors. Instead we find the odor causing contaminants (using their odors!) and remove them. When your car comes to FixMyStinkyCar.com we follow the odors to their odor emitting source and then clean it. With us the odor is gone because there is no odor source, rather than because the odor source or its products have been altered or your sense of smell has been interfered with.

Our promise, which our lifetime warranty backs, is that we will return your car in pre-incident condition or better. This means careful odor detective work to find where the smells are coming from and the application of elbow grease until it is cleaned-up. And that is what we promise, deliver, and stand behind with our lifetime warranty*.

Remember: If your car needs an odor treatment after it has been cleaned and/or repaired then it hasn’t actually been decontaminated. Bring it to us. We will do it right. You'll be happy. We lifetime guarantee it! *

Check out the video below of a car we did. Take special note of the pounds of stored food inside the panel. We tracked it down and cleaned it. The customer was thrilled with the results!