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Auto Blood Damage Restoration


Blood damage and odors in your car can be especially difficult to eliminate. If it’s on the surface of, say, a leather seat and it hasn’t been sitting for very long, then it can probably just be wiped up with a damp cloth. However, if it has reached the point of stinking up your car or staining then you may need professional service. Fortunately, our specialized service is often covered by your comprehensive insurance policy.

Odors seem simple on the surface but they are a subtle phenomenon. What we experience as an odor is actually our nose detecting contaminants in the air. We assume that if we can’t smell it then it isn’t there. But there is a major difference between cleaning/clearing the air and interfering with your ability to smell the contaminants that are actually still in the air. The famous Febreze® product is an example. * How does Febreze® achieve its effect? The impression the viewer gets from the commercial is that somehow the odor has been removed from the space. Well, to be sure, the experience of odor has been removed but the odor causing molecules are still there. According to Anne Helmenstine, Ph.D.'s article on how Febreze® works, "The stink molecule is still there, but it can't bind to your odor receptors, so you can't smell it."

(* See http://chemistry.about.com/od/cleanerchemistry/f/how-febreze-works.htm.)

Unlike many services, once we've completed the repairs and the cleaning process has begun we do not use ozone*, deodorizers, fragrances, odor bombs and the like to cover up the odors. Instead we find the odor causing contaminants (using their odors!) and remove them. When your car comes to FixMyStinkyCar.com we follow the odors to their odor emitting source and then clean it. With us the odor is gone because there is no odor source, rather than because the odor source or its products have been altered or your sense of smell has been interfered with.

Our promise, which our lifetime warranty backs, is that we will return your car in pre-incident condition or better. This means careful odor detective work to find where the smells are coming from and the application of elbow grease until it is clean. And that is what we promise, deliver, and stand behind with our lifetime warranty.

Remember: If your car needs an odor treatment after it has been cleaned and/or repaired then it hasn’t actually been decontaminated. Bring it to us. We will do it right. You'll be happy. We lifetime guarantee it! *

Here is a great before-and-after video of a bloody car interior that we decontaminated and restored. Enjoy!

* Source: http://chemistry.about.com/od/cleanerchemistry/f/how-febreze-works.htm