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Auto Loss Prevention

Save Your Car From Being Totaled

Every year vehicles are salvaged or sold at a large loss because of damage that could have been affordably repaired to "like new" condition by us. When a car is salvaged, not only does the owner lose money but the insurers feel the pain too. When we have repaired and restored cars just like yours, owners are wowed!  The insurance companies are pleased as well because their customer is happy at an affordable price.

Don't lose the equity in your car/auto. Talk to us before you send your car to the salvage yard.

Vehicle: Toyota Avalon
Problem: Severe Water Damage
Insurance: State Farm

Thank you so much for all the time, effort and work your company
did on my mom’s car. The car had been flooded with water up to the seats, and mildew
was overwhelming. What you did to fix the problem was nothing short of a miracle.
I have just returned from a visit to California and I could not believe the results! The car
looks and smells like a brand new car! Although, my mother’s terminal illness continues
to progress; her lung condition has improved and she no longer has coughing fits. Thank
You again for everything Odor B Gone has done for our family.

- Debbie J.

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Here's a video of a car that would have been totaled, except for our expert and careful service: