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“Why doesn’t FixMyStinkyCar.com use ozone? Ozone is a cheap and by all accounts effective treatment for odors, right?”

Ozone generators are indeed relatively inexpensive and a very easy treatment to perform. With ‘high quality’ commercial grade units selling for well under $2000, ozone machines would be a cheap business investment if they did actually increase the quality of results. While ozone can indeed act on some odors it also damages your car by aging the fabrics and surfaces in your car. It corrodes most metals (except gold, platinum, and iridium), and damages or fades paints, dyes, and most car interior plastics such as nylon and acetate, commonly found components of carpets and fabrics. This means damage to your electronics, fabrics, and surfaces. And even with the indiscriminant damage that it causes, it does not remove contaminants. It can’t.

“Ozone providers point to the many customers who are happy with the results.”

That makes sense. The customer apparently received an odor reducing treatment that they are under the impression somehow removed the cause of the odors for a lower price than mechanical cleaning. But a gas can’t somehow remove any contaminants. They are still in your car. You just can’t smell them even if you are breathing them as they continue to outgas.

Meanwhile the damaging effects are such that unreliable electronics, wiring, and worn fading surfaces won’t become obvious for some time, never mind the effects of breathing and touching contaminants that have spread because they haven’t been removed. You might not link your troubles with ozone because of the delay and the fact that the damage looks like wear and tear, poor quality materials, and reliability issues, only years earlier than it is supposed to happen. Every car that has had an ozone treatment should come with a CarFax® warning, just like the ones that are available for accidents and flooding.

“Yes, but I just want the smell gone as cheaply as possible.”

Here are the real economics of this: First of all, ozone doesn’t always work to remove the smell. It works sometimes on some things but not on others. It doesn’t work on a long list of smells such as burnt plastics or gasoline for instance. And when it does work, it only works temporarily if there is a reservoir of contaminants such as milk, urine, feces, organic compounds from dead animals, and the like. But in order to see if it ‘works’ you have to artificially age every surface and system in your car interior.

From time to time, we get cars in that have been treated with ozone multiple times. When the odors came back the ozone provider ‘treated’ the car again for free, sometimes 3 or 4 times or more under their ‘money back guarantee’. (What was the cost to him? Seal a hose to the car window and flip a switch). When the ‘problem’ wasn’t resolved they refunded the customer’s money. Meanwhile, every system, fabric, and material in the car interior has been aged. No immediate symptoms necessarily but the damage is there.

On the other hand, we work with your insurance company. Insurance companies send adjusters and claim managers to monitor our work and results. And they recognize that we provide a quality service that is worth paying for. Your cost? The cost of your deductible. And you get your car back in pre-incident condition or better with a lifetime guarantee*.

“Are you sure you just don’t want to compete with ozone providers?”

FixMyStinkyCar.com can easily afford the ‘best’ ozone generators available. IF it wouldn’t damage your car, we would buy one and use it on your car in a heartbeat, because that would be directly in line with the results we promise. And what could be easier than flipping a switch and being paid for it?

But our promise, which our lifetime warranty* backs, is that we will return your car in pre-incident condition or better. That promise is not compatible with introducing hidden damage to your car. But our promise is compatible with careful odor detective work to find the odor producing contaminants and the application of our green technology and elbow grease until your car is clean. And that is what we promise, deliver, and stand behind with our lifetime warranty*.

Remember: If your car needs an odor treatment after it has been cleaned and/or repaired then it hasn’t actually been decontaminated. Bring it to us. We will do it right. You’ll be happy. We guarantee it*.