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Ozone – Misunderstood and Misused

Will OZONE harm my car?

The answer is yes. Many websites admit that OZONE is a powerful oxidizer. But they imply that OZONE somehow discriminates between a contaminant that is causing an odor and the components in your automobile. It doesn’t. It can’t. OZONE will react with anything that a free radical will react to, which is most materials. That includes many plastics, fabrics, and pretty much all metals except gold, platinum, and iridium. Yes, that means copper electrical connections. It will also fade, damage, and age leather and upholstery, and color dyes.

The amount of immediate damage varies according to concentration and time. When used as recommended, the immediate damage will be minimal and not immediately noticeable. However, damage is cumulative over successive ozone treatments. In particular, once corrosion in electrical contacts begins it tends to continue depending on what by-products were created by the reaction. The situation is further complicated with greases, oils, and other products that manufacturers might coat the connection points with to increase electrical reliability. Also, the structural integrity of fabrics will be damaged to some extent, maybe a little, maybe a lot, reducing the durability and wear lifetime. Same for wear surfaces on dashboards, steering wheels, and armrests. In any case, you might not see a failure for some time, probably years, if you ozone your car only once.

I have personally experienced this after a detailer treated my car without my permission as a “standard part” of his service. The surface of my factory leather steering wheel cover, instead of being smooth from use, became pitted and suddenly wore through at the points of frequent handling. The stenciled lettering suddenly wore off the headlight button (a high wear point). The leather in my seats had a crease mark from years of use. Suddenly the creased part wore through to show the cushion. Since all this was on a beloved 15 year old car, the detailer said that the car was just old and of course I couldn’t prove otherwise. In a newer car the same thing can happen. Aging is aging and wear is wear whether at the beginning of a car’s life or once it is older.

The bottom line is that ozone will chemically reduce the total lifespan of your car interior and will eventually cause the failure of some component or other in your car interior sooner than might be otherwise. It might be that the headliner falls down because ozone reacted with the glue. It might be intermittent failures of the dashboard electrical system, switches, or lights. Exactly what fails and when depends on how long the exposure was and how strong. Where ozone is concerned, even materials that are considered to have “excellent” ozone resistance often are susceptible to some damage. Just not as much as other materials. Ozoning is an inexpensive and easy treatment to do. But we will never, ever use it because it doesn’t work reliably and reduces the lifespan and value of your car.

Will OZONE clean my car and fix the odors?

The answer is that ozone absolutely will not remove the contaminants that are causing the odors. It might dry them out and therefore reduce the smell but will not remove the odor causing contaminants. Many contaminants will actually turn into dry airborne particulates when dried out. This is particularly true of blood, mildew, and molds. After ozoning you might not smell it but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t breathing it. If the odor is just a transient air contaminant then it will leave the car and not return after driving a bit with the windows down. But if you are considering ozoning your automobile then that is not your situation. You have an odor-producing contaminant in your car and ozone will not remove it.

Will OZONE harm me or my family?

Breathing ozone is known to cause severe respiratory damage, even in relatively low concentrations. It can kill. However, you are unlikely to come in direct contact with ozone after a detailing since it rapidly dissipates once the car is opened and vented. Having said that, many people use small cigarette lighter powered ozone devices in their cars which raise the persistent ozone concentration inside the vehicle. Ironically, often the reason they installed the device is to help with a breathing difficulty. Don’t use these devices in your home or car. Yes, they do indeed make your house or car smell like a thunderstorm just happened, but this is because ozone in nature is caused by lightning. But the overall natural background levels of ozone we experience are much, much lower than the persistent concentrations produced by these devices within the enclosed spaces of our home or automobile. OZONE from lightning strikes is indeed strong but it is fleeting. Do not use these devices. They can harm you.

How should I deodorize my car?

By cleaning it thoroughly enough to remove the contaminants that are causing the odors. If the odors remain after cleaning or detailing then you have a more serious problem than simple dirt and you need our services. However, there are some things that you absolutely should not attempt to clean yourself and should not have a detailer do because they are or can be hazardous, such as mildew, mold, “hazmat” substances (mercury, blood and infectious materials, drug residues, vomit, and gasoline).

There are other things you should not clean yourself or have a detailer clean because if it isn’t done by an expert you will just increase your expense when you don’t get a good result. These are tobacco smoke grime, household cleaners (Pine-Sol, bleach, detergents, etc.), dyes, paints, oils, and solvents, aromatics such as perfume, cologne, and liquid air fresheners. Also, decomposing food, milk, beer, and the like that has leaked into carpets or upholstery should not be cleaned by the user or detailer in most cases. Removing solids sitting on the surface is fine. But washing with more than a damp cloth could dilute and spread the contaminants to other deeper and less accessible parts of your car and just make it harder and more expensive when you finally bring it to us.

Soaps, shampoos, and other cleaning products work by changing the beading / wetting property of water so that it can soak into fabrics and more easily dissolve the dirt and grim to be carried away in rinsing. But in an automobile there is nowhere to rinse the resulting solution to. Furthermore, the now diluted and dissolved contaminants are suspended in water that no longer beads. It now has properties that causes it to soak into cushions or spread under carpet and into insulation, wicking up the sides of anything it comes into contact with and flowing into crevices in the metal structure of the car. Meanwhile, it continues to produce odors. Also, the cleaning method itself frequently causes its own damage, particularly to leather.

In general, if you call us before you clean or detail we’ll advise you on whether detailing or your own cleaning can work. Or we will advise you on how to preserve your car so that damage and cost is minimized until you can get the car to us. Clean and vacuum or use a detailer when the issue is dirt, dust, and ordinary grime. Call us when the issue is beyond the scope of detailing. The very best detailers and dealers that know us will know when to refer you to us.

I feel that it bears repeating: In the case of mercury contamination in any amount you should not use your car or any contents. Few people know that liquid mercury slowly vaporizes at room temperatures and quite quickly in a hot kitchen or car to form an odorless and colorless gas. It doesn’t look dangerous but it is dangerous to you and anyone that unknowingly breathes it. Call us and we will be glad to advise you. Or call the fire department. People don’t take mercury seriously but it is a “hazmat” material that is deceptively dangerous.

What if I already had my car cleaned, detailed, ozoned, etc.?

Well, then the problem is harder and more expensive. But call us. Usually we can find an affordable solution to get you back on the road with a pristine car. And often we are able to work with your insurance company to limit your cleanup costs of your mishap. But things generally work out the best if you call us before you try to clean it yourself or have it detailed. You can always then make a more informed decision.




OBG is a green company which extracts odors. We do not cover up the odor or try to clean it by using an Ozone machine, instead we find the root of the problem and extract it with the residue left behind. We stand behind our service which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all completed work, so feel free to give us a call.

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When clean is not enough, choose Interior Restoration.

You've taken your vehicle to the hand car wash, but the workers can't get that awful smell out of your car. What is it anyway?

  •  Sour milk from when your baby threw his cup across the back seat?
  • Mildew from the vase of water you thought would be safe buckled in but wasn't?
  • Something nasty blowing in from the engine through the air conditioning vents?
  • The remnants of your pet's accident during one of his trips to the vet's office?

Fact is there are lots of smells that weave themselves into the interior of a vehicle and a simple car wash or even the best auto detailer in town can't remove them.

Does that mean you're stuck with the smell forever? No. It's time to take interior cleaning to the next level with Professional Interior Restoration Services.

You spent good money on your vehicle. You keep it maintained with regular tune ups and you keep it tip-top condition. So why would you think twice about having your car, truck or van forensically cleaned?

The term "forensic" brings to mind an episode of CSI, dramatic musical opening and all, but forensic in this case means the restoration specialists take the interior of your vehicle out and so thoroughly clean all components before putting them back that you might think you've picked up a brand new car! It will be returned to as close to factory condition possible.

The interior of your vehicle won't just look clean; it will BE clean. Any odor, stain or tough issue, including those left behind by the nastiest of rodents, will be gone. Not just covered up… GONE.

That's the primary mission of OBG Services Inc in Mission Viejo, California. In fact, OBG Services is so good at what they do they've have been recognized as best in class SEVEN years in a row. Give us a call today.

 Contact Us to find out how we can make your vehicle "more than clean!"


800-255-ODOR (6367)

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Automotive Clean-Up: Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed & Often Mishandled

Damage Automobile Interiors Require a High Standard of Care

When a car interior is contaminated or soiled by an accident it is necessary to correctly fix the real problem and not cut corners. Automotive glass breaks can become lodged in the most intricate places only to resurface later and cause injury.  Incidents like flood, fire, pest infestation, or even bodily fluids can result in toxic contamination and lingering odors. The extent of this type of damage is often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mishandled. Often they are masked over with harsh cleaners that do not address the underlying problem.

Toxic Conditions & Illness

Overlooking the proper cleaning of auto interiors can be the cause of recurring illness. The amount of time spent in such a small area populated by dust, fumes, and disease is a formula for illness.  The “smell test” is not enough and can be misleading.

Common Mistakes

 Use of Ozone Generators

One of the most common but dangerous methods of cleaning contaminated vehicles is the use of harsh chemicals followed by an Ozone treatment. This practice has been condemned by the EPA yet no laws prohibit its use. For this reason many still view it as an effective solution when in fact it is compounding the problem. This is another shortcut with significant consequences.

Surface Cleaning

Many stains or spills can be cleaned using shampoos but those that soak through to the underlying padding or permeate the cars ventilation require additional attention. If this padding cannot be cleaned it must be replaced to prevent the problem from resurfacing. 

Auto Detailing

Similar to your local car wash, auto detailing is designed for general cleaning of the vehicle. When a potentially toxic or deep rooted problem exists, it needs someone who can go to the heart of the matter and restore the vehicle to new condition.

Pennywise, Pound (Dollar) Foolish

Proper treatment may cost more but is often covered by insurance. If you have a serious problem it pays to explore proper remediation. Your car is generally your second largest investment and you need to protect this investment as you would your home. The cars longevity, value, and enjoyment are important considerations. You owe it to yourself to explore permanent remedies and not cut corners.

OBG Services Inc.

OBG Services Inc.(OdorBGone2) is leader in restoration and remediation services for vehicles that have suffered damage. We have been in business for over 15 years and we have developed a series of proprietary methods to accurately diagnose and restore vehicles to factory like condition. 


Visit us on the web at fixmystinkycar.com or call 800-700-ODOR (6367)

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News Flash: Interior Auto Restoration Services ARE Covered by Insurance!

At OBG Services, we hear the following statement a lot and we need to let people know it’s just not true.

Customers will call and say, “I can’t afford to have the inside of my car restored. I’ll just live with this horrible stain and nasty smell.”

Fortunately, we get to set the record straight and respond with, “Yes, ma’am, you can afford our services. Most vehicle insurance covers interior automotive restoration services. Just give your insurance agent a quick call and we’ll take it from there!”

Ultimately, the customer calls back and, guess what? Her insurance does indeed cover the cost of the restoration. There may be a deductible, but we can discuss that with her once she knows what that might be. We’re known for our customer services. We wouldn’t win awards year after year for our service if we didn’t treat people right.

We don’t know where the myth that our services aren’t covered by insurance got started, but we’re here to correct the misconception.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be forced to live with bad odors or ugly stains, no matter where they originated. We can handle the toughest of stained and stinky car interiors!

Once we hand you the keys to your fresh, clean vehicle it’s a safe bet you’ll be smiling as you drive off the lot. The smells will be gone and it might seem like we performed a magic act with the stains. They will have completely disappeared.

 Our goal is happy customers. If you have any types of smells or stains, give us a call. Before you do, give your insurance representative a quick call if you’re not sure if interior restoration is covered by insurance. We’re pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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According to an article that appeared in Consumer Reports magazine in September 2012, spilled milk causes are horrid smell in anyone’s vehicle.

“There is almost nothing worse than the smell of rotten milk in a car carpet,” National Public Radio’s Car Talk host Tom Magliozzi says. In the article he went on to joke that in this case you could sell the car to an unsuspecting dairy farmer.

Funny, but we wouldn’t suggest it.

Bring your stinky vehicle to Odor B Gone in Mission Viejo, Calif., and save yourself time, effort, frustration and money. Your automobile insurance will likely cover the cost of having us take care of the awful smell and anything else that is going on to smell up the interior of your vehicle.

We take care of stains and stinky under-the-hood issues, too.

Once again, according to the Consumer Reports article, it is cited that if your car has ever harbored spilled coffee, a sick child, or a smoker, you know how hard it can be to remove a bad smell.

Hey, we totally agree. That’s why we do what we do.

Through our patented processes, we eliminate odors. (Not just cover them up.)

We work direct with consumers as well as with car rental companies, police agencies, used car dealerships and insurance companies from all over the United States. There is no reason why a stinky car in Missouri can’t be sent to us in California to be decontaminated! So don’t let distance stop you from giving us a call. We’ll help you work out the details. We want to help you.  

As the Consumer Reports article states, there are obvious odors and other types of smells that aren’t so obvious. Right and right.

Those odors that are obvious can come from things you can actually see, like garbage you forgot to toss or spills you know are there. It is always best to toss any food containers or trash before they have a chance to stink up the car. That’s a no-brainer.

Keep the interior of your vehicle as clean as you can. If a spill happens while you’re driving, it’s a good idea to pull off the road when it’s safe and address the spill. Why not keep a roll of paper towel in your vehicle? Once the liquid has a chance to set into the fabric of the seat or carpeting, the damage is well on its way to stinking up the car.

There are less obvious causes of odors that you likely won’t be able to eliminate on your own. You can try covering them up by using air fresheners. However, these products are only going to do what they are manufactured to do… just mask a smell.

By not addressing the real cause of the odor you can be causing yourself physical harm. Ever heard of “toxic vehicle syndrome”? The odors inside vehicles can actually be toxic.

Finally, the Consumer Reports article cites advice that National Public Radio’s Car Talk hosts Ray and Tom Magliozzi offer drivers of “odoriferous cars.” The hosts say a fishy smell could be antifreeze leaking into the car through the heating system. A smell that arrives when the A/C is first on could mean the evaporator drain is blocked. Mold from a water leak requires you to pull out the carpet and pad underneath, vacuum both sides, turn the carpet over, spray the back with a bleach solution or other fungicide to kill mold spores, then let it bake in the sun. (They also advise rinsing off the solution with water before drying the mat.)

We have to ask why do it yourself when you can have us take care of any odor-causing problems with the interior of your vehicle? (Unless you know how to take the entire interior apart, clean it the right way with the right environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and then put everything back together again to like-factory condition.)

Learn more. Visit www.FixMyStinkyCar.com.

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Theft recovery, often times, is more serious than it initially seems. Many things occur in a vehicle during the period in which it is stolen. Examples include: 

 - Drug Smuggling 

- Smoking (legal & illegal substances) 

- The use of narcotics / drugs (injections / ingesting) 

- Bodily fluids from sweat, saliva, dysentery, feces, urine, vomit, blood, semen 

- Hair and Lice 

Most of the above mentioned items can carry contagious pathogens. Pathogens like the Hepatitis B Virus, which has been documented to survive in dried blood at room temperature on surfaces for at least 1 week (As per the Center for Disease Control FAQ Sheet www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/hepatitis/b/faqb.htm#gen). 

 Exposure to any of these substances, in a very small confined area, can be very toxic (especially the cab of any vehicle). The importance of proper decontamination, removal, sanitization of a vehicle interior becomes critical to customers and shops alike. Unfortunately, these problems are rarely properly addressed. 

Our trained technicians are equipped to prevent cross contamination and restore any auto interior including the odors to better than pre-incident condition, without damaging the interior. Our LIFETIME unconditional warranty is always included.

Visit us at FixMyStinkyCar.com 

To Schedule Service:

 Call us at (949) 206-0037

Or Email us a with a few photos to pickup@FixMyStinkyCar.com

Our experienced staff will guide you with your best options. We will determine at that time due to the severity to either dispatch our specialty van or flat bed the vehicle in.

A state of the art facility fully designed and equipped to support all types of auto interior cleanup issues.

Rated The Best for Auto Upholstery Cleaning

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