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Our Approach

Our Approach

OBG Services is equipped to properly diagnose the cause of bad odors and any associated toxins that may be the cause. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with all types of contamination and the best ways to eradicate them. We not only restore your vehicle to near factory condition but we will eliminate the bad smell once and for all, we provide an unconditional LIFETIME warranty for our services.

Step 1: Diagnosis

The first part of our process is a physical inspection of the damage. We are specifically looking for damage below the surface, where the heart of the problem lies. We are not an auto "detailer" that is looking for ways to cover up the problem, we are an auto restoration company seeking to remove the problem.

Step 2: Assessment

OBG Services will conduct a thorough assessment of all the materials and labor costs to remedy the problem*. If the problem does not require the level of restoration that we provide we will suggest a solution better suited to your needs. Our services are not for everyone and if you are not a fit we will tell you upfront.

*With any automotive restoration/repair there may be hidden problems that cannot be seen until work has begun, additional costs may apply.

Step 3: Remediation

Whether the problem can be repaired or requires replacement, we will provide you with your best options. This is an important step because it may have an effect on insurance coverage. Most of our work is covered by insurance* and your carrier may encourage replacement because it is "good as new"; we use manufacturers parts ONLY so your cars warranty is not affected.

*Only an authorized agent from your insurance company can approve coverage

Step 4: Lifetime Warranty

Completing our service agreement includes standing behind the work. We guarantee that we will fix the damage quickly and correctly the first time or we will do it again at no charge. This ensures that no corners are cut and the repairs are done properly.