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Interior Restoration

Here at OBG Services, our focus is on automotive interiors. Cleaning them up, removing all the odors, removing detail damage, testing for ozone damage, and removing offensive residues that are left behind in a vehicles interior. We give a lifetime warranty to your vehicles interior on all work completed by OBG Services.

Wind Shield Replacement

This is for vehicles with musty air conditioning odors, Smelly Air conditioners or rodents that are in your air conditioning system or any odors that are lingering in your air conditioner that you need cleaned up and restored.

Wiring restoration or replacement

In a fire and/or water damage situation, important components like wiring components may be damaged, that's where we come in. Not only do we offer a repair, but we also do replacements in case any wires are fried replacements in cases where wiring is damaged.


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Automobile Upholstery Cleaning &

Vehicle Odor Removal



What You Need to Know About Ozone Treatment

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